I love cyber punk. The idea of a dystopia with all neon glow, mysterious people, questionable existances, red sand blowing through alleys, fluorescent sun glasses in the night, purple tech socks, vintage leather jackets of the last, long gone decade of golden glory, shortly before everything went to hell, because someone forgot to run Avast Virus Scan on a Win98 machine, and that machine subsequently became Skynet and turned the world into sad dust, holograms popping out of windows to hit you with advertising of the latest Snickers (made with insect paste, because dystopia). Oh and it always rains and it's wet. Always. 
Unfortunately, i live in Munich. Really, the most cyber punk it gets here is when the traffic light switches from red to green.
Nevertheless, i give my best to portrait my city in the worst light i can. This is an ongoing project. 

All of these images have been shot on the Fuji XT-2 with Classic Chrome and Astia. Most of them out of cam Jpegs with no editing.
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