A breeze through your hair. Asphalt beneath your feet. History unfolds.
Just coming home from our short trip through Belgium, visiting Bruges, De Haan, Gent and Antwerp, we didn't know how diverse this land can be, and how quickly it changes in just half an hour drive. From melancholic vibes to chasing the sun, from historical centers to bleak cement blocks to young corners. From endless beaches to endless cobble stone streets, from high above golden dust to low creeping translucent fog. From the weary eyes of an old couple, to the young star gazers fleeting the streets. From finding yourself in narrow passages, to searching for yourself in the deep, dark sky. Holding the hand of your loved one until the limitless end.

Thank you.
Shot on the Fujifilm XT-2 with customized film profiles of Acros, Classic Chrome and Provia. 
JPGs out of camera. No edits. 
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