Zirbenfux Release
Photography for the release of Munich based Zirbenfux - high quality folk clothing.
Park Authority
2017's Park Authority. A streetball tournament in the heart of Munich.
Neo Monaco
Neo Monaco. Munich in a friendly Dystopia.
L.A. in M.C.H
Los Angeles in Munich.
Exploring fashion and architecture in color and black and white in Munich.
Wallet Man
Wallets hand-made by VANOOK from Munich.
A Night in Bruges
The photographic essay of our Night in a hotel in Bruges.
ING Creatives Festival submission. A woman with dots in black and white.
Wallets for VANOOK
For the launch of the new wallet line by VANOOK, we created a unique visual style, that underlines the design philosophy and look of VANOOK. Materials and compositions have been chosen to emphasize the clean, simple design and high quality of the hand-made wallets, which are designed and produced by Vanook in Munich, using a unique origami folding technique. 
Sunday somewhere
Summer and sunglasses. Selected shots. The glasses are form Sunday, Somewhere. Check them out.
From a different time
Shot in a stripped down store in the most expensive street in Munich, Germany. The Maximilianstraße.
5 Days In Belgium
Experience our recent trip to the beautiful country Belgium!
Road Trip: Iceland
Road trip to Iceland. 2015.
Simple Matter
Shoot at the HFF in Munich. During the mid day sun, strong shadows emerge from the edges of the buildings of the HFF. Lisa brings back some warmth and closeness to the otherwise clean and cold lines of the architexture. A spot for the eyes to rest.
Shot an abandoned old megastore in munich. As a contrast to the surroundings, we chose a combination of old and new style clothes. The editing follows this idea and resorts to grainy film and monochromatic colors to make the most out of the strong shadows cast by the mid day sun and fine textures of the models blouse.
White Bike
Shooting my white bike + accesoires
Luko - Underwater
Bandshooting for luko and thei new EP Underwater.
The Art of Free Movement
Parkour and Free Running are great sports and even greater way to think of life. Everything is happening in the now, the environment is blocked out and yet connected to you in a very special way. Mind and body work together and the way itself is what counts. I hope to capture that in these photographs, and i warmly recommend to try it out yourself!
This landscape transformation, or sculptural happening, was created by Philipp Messner, a South Tyrolean Artist. The happening was realized in Munich, at the Alte Pinakothek. For mor information, go here: http://www.pmessner.com/ Independently, from that, these images were created, and edited on my own
The Tiny World of Make-Up
Shots taken of make-up in an abstract, painterly manner by using a lens the wrong way around. See all the tiny details a human eye could not observe and how make-up dust and paint looks up close.
See the Heat.
The photographic diary of our stay in Istanbul Shot on film.
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